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Life Outreach Ministries

Portion 2321, Kate Street, Port Moresby
Life Outreach Ministries (LOM) was established in 1987 following the effective operations of the evangelical life outreach teams (LOT), which were effective in 1975.

United Church In Papua New Guinea

Section 3, Lot 6, Douglas Street, Port Moresby
The United Church in Papua New Guinea exists to teach, preach and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in Her Faith, Life and Witness.


PO Box Private Mail Bag Boroko NCD, Port Moresby

Bible Society of PNG Inc

PO Box 335 , Hubert Murray Hwy Koki, Port Moresby

Bouraga John

PO Box 1109 Madang, Madang

Christian Bookworld

PO Box 1136 Boroko, Bookstore Okari St Boroko, Port Moresby

Christian Revival Crusade

PO Box 6166 Boroko, Cnr Koura & Rakatani Drv Tokarara, Port Moresby

Church of Christ

PO Box 1234 Lae, Boundary Rd, Lae
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Religion in Papua New Guinea is a diverse mix of traditional beliefs and Christianity. The majority of the population practices Christianity, including Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and various Protestant denominations. However, many people in Papua New Guinea still maintain traditional beliefs and practices that were passed down through generations, such as animism and ancestor worship.

Animism is the belief that all living and non-living things have a spirit or soul, and that these spirits can be communicated with through rituals and ceremonies. Animism is an integral part of traditional Papuan culture and is often practiced alongside Christianity. Animistic beliefs are also closely tied to ancestor worship, where families and communities honor and revere the spirits of their ancestors.

In addition to Christianity and traditional beliefs, some Papua New Guineans practice other religions, such as Islam and Buddhism. The influence of these religions is growing, with more people converting and practicing them as a way to express their cultural identity.

Overall, religion in Papua New Guinea is a complex mix of traditional beliefs and Christianity, with a growing presence of other religions. This diversity of beliefs makes Papua New Guinea a unique and fascinating place. By embracing the diversity of religions in Papua New Guinea, the country can continue to thrive and progress.