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Mt Hagen Missionary Home

Kuminga Road, PO Box 394, Mount Hagen
We are open to the general public, and have all the regular amenities of a hotel. Our location is within walking distance of the town and one block from the farmer's market.

Mapang Missionary Home

Lot 17, Lahara Avenue, Boroko, Port Moresby
‚ÄčOur guesthouse provides short term transit accommodation for short and long term missionaries and church workers as they come into and go out of Papua New Guinea, as well as when visiting Port Moresb...

Coots Lodge

East Boroko, Lagatoi Pl., Port Moresby

Kainantu Lodge

Eastern Highlands Province, PO Box 31, Kainantu


Poinciana Avenue, Lae

Gordon Transit Lodge

P.O. Box 2682 Boroko, Henao Dr, Port Moresby

Lutheran Guest House

Section 3, Allotment 3, Coralita Street, Kalibobo Dr, Madang

Mavra Guest House

Parer Street, Lae

Vavagil Guest House

Williams Street, Kokopo


PO Box 1449, BOROKO, NCD, Port Moresby

Awarai Guest House

PO Box 11 Esa'ala, Esaala Station, Port Moresby

Birdwing Butterfly Lodge

PO Box 445 Popondetta, Killerton Rd, Port Moresby

Boluminski Guest House

PO Box 56 Namatanai, Buluminiski Hwy, Rabaul

Bovo Guest House

PO Box 473 University NCD, Port Moresby

Chortle Limited

PO Box 232 Kokopo, Williams Rd, Rabaul

CLC Transit Haus

PO Box 289 Alotau, Russell St, Port Moresby
63 companies
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Guest Houses in Papua New Guinea provide travelers with a unique accommodation experience that allows them to explore the rich culture and diverse landscapes of the country. These guest houses offer a range of amenities, such as comfortable bedrooms, modern bathrooms, and a variety of recreational and leisure activities. Many guest houses are located near popular tourist attractions and provide easy access to nearby attractions and activities.

Guests staying in a guest house in Papua New Guinea can expect to be treated with the same warm hospitality and respect as they would receive from a hotel. They can be provided with a variety of meals, including traditional foods, as well as a range of activities, such as sightseeing and shopping. Guests can also take advantage of the local culture and explore the unique culture and customs of the country.

Overall, guest houses in Papua New Guinea provide a unique and affordable accommodation option for travelers looking to experience the country's culture and natural beauty. With their comfortable and modern amenities, these guest houses offer an ideal way to explore the country and create lasting memories. In short, a stay in a guest house in Papua New Guinea is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.